“I’m just so impressed by Naomi’s ability to take the kids’ writing and show them how to focus and hone it down. Her comments are not just apt, they’re inspired.”
Ellen Nodelman, Director of College Testing and Guidance, Rockland Country Day School

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. Your feedback was really helpful. I would never have been able to drag [more details] out of my memory without your advice. I’m looking forward to working on my essays now!”

“Thank you so much for the workshop yesterday. I had yet to write anything toward the college essay. Just being forced to write [with prompts] really helped me out! Now I have my topic and ideas to develop my essays further.”

“Your class has been more helpful than anything I’ve read or been taught. Thank you so much for the feedback! Most people have not gone in to depth when helping me. I can’t see any of my English teachers helping me in the same way you did.”

“Naomi was the kind of workshop instructor that every program coordinator hopes for: she was enthusiastic, well organized, knowledgeable in her area of expertise and aware of current trends in her field. She gave lots of thought to the needs of her students and the learning tools required. Her amiable demeanor made her a true pleasure to work with.”
Liz Siracusa, Young Adult Librarian, Warner Library, Tarrytown

“I want to thank you so much for helping my daughter with her college essay. She was very happy with the outcome. I am so pleased as she wasn’t receiving the help in school.”

“This was really, really helpful! I tried to write at home and brainstorm before, but I came up with little to nothing.
This workshop helped me come up with good ideas that I can use.”

“This workshop was very successful for me. I feel confident and have no doubt as to what I’m going to write for my essay now!”

“This workshop was extremely helpful! Individual feedback is a plus. You were honest and reliable, and that helped make this
experience work for me.”